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What is the right session type for you?  I always suggest going with what you feel intuitively called to.

If your body hurts, choose Psychic Energy Clearing. If you need mental clarity Soul Astrology or Mystic Life Coaching would be best.

Each session type has a different way of understanding the same information, and there is modality overlap in all of my sessions depending on a clients needs.

 Long story short, you can't choose wrong. Here is a little more about my session types to help you get clear on what's right for you. 




As well as being a practical guide through holistic coaching and counseling, I am a psychic empath, clairsentient and medium. I acquire psychic knowledge through feeling and am able to clearly pin point areas of dis-ease within the body, mind and spirit. Through my understanding of health and nutrition as well as energy, I bring my clients back into balance holistically. These sessions are for physical energy release. On a psychic level, I determine energetic interference from outside forces and support my clients in cutting energetic cording and releasing entities that are disruptive as well as assistance with baby beings for pregnancy and birth and crossing over and connection with those who have passed on from their earthly lives.


PSYCHIC ENERGY CLEARING is a profound energy healing technique which brings about healing on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. These sessions are perfect for clients in physical discomfort or pain, as support before, during or after major life changes, or to heal deep emotional past or present trauma of all kinds. During these sessions, I assist clients in seeing  how they can make changes to dispel further energy interference in the future. Clients leave my sessions feeling grounded, relaxed, contented and uplifted.


For in-person sessions, we will have a discussion and dialogue for the first half, and physical bodywork fully clothed on a massage table for the second half. Please dress comfortably in breathable fabrics. Sometimes one session can be extremely helpful and all you need. For more profound patterns, help releasing trauma, creating a healthy energetic state for creation (pregnancy) etc, a series of sessions is recommended



Have you ever wondered about the spiritual meaning behind patterns of behavior that are hard to shake? Or, Are you having trouble connecting to your divine purpose? During SOUL ASTROLOGY we not only dive into your unique astrological imprint but how it relates to the purpose of healing in your life, and the unique gifts you have to share with the world. What astrological energies are leading your life? What energies do you feel most triggered by? This reading into your unique birth chart can help you to understand your base motivations as well as how to thrive as your most genuine self.

These sessions are perfect for those seeking to understand themselves, their relationships, their ambitions and karmic history through the lens of Astrology. Each person is a unique and complicated being, made up of all of the energies of the zodiac in very specific poignant ways. With SOUL ASTROLOGY we explore how to manifest the most positive side of your unique make up, making you aware of blind spots and unconscious behaviors, and showing you the best way to utilize your energy. 

~ Sessions include discussion and coaching related to any current difficulties.

~ Birth place, date and birth time preferred for this reading (if no birth time, a reading can still be done with Birth Place and Date only)

~ Sessions can also be drawn to understand complicated dynamics between two individuals, or between child/parent, please note at the time of booking and include their full birth details. 



Improving our lives is multifaceted and requires bringing balance to multiple areas - mentally, emotionally, physically, materially and of course spiritually. With MYSTIC LIFE COACHING we identify and clarify intentions and goals, discuss at length your history of healing and dysfunctional patterns, and work together to bring harmony to your relationships, purpose to your career drive and strategize how to bring your desires into alignment with your inner belief system. We get what we believe about ourselves, not what we want - understanding our base motivations is key to bringing our consciousness into how we create our lives. I help my clients believe in themselves, so that they can attain their hearts desires. 

Life Coaching is about accountability, clarity and presence. I offer my clients holistic tools, and a deep nurturance to help encourage them on their way. Honoring, validating and enlivening my clients own intuition, helping them to see themselves as powerful healers in their own lives is paramount, but also helping them to readjust when they are not living in alignment with their desires. Life coaching works best when committed to as a long term support system, rather than a quick fix. Packages are recommended post initial sessions. 


  • Remote Sessions take place via the phone, FaceTime or Zoom. Whichever you prefer, please be sure to note it when booking in the comments section. In-Person sessions take place in Kingston, NY

  •  I am in EASTERN time zone please email if you are not sure if you've booked the correct time 

  • I work with the paranormal, including cutting energetic cording, releasing interfering entities, crossing over those who have passed on and giving psychic guidance 

  •  If you have any difficulty using the online booking system, such as declined credit cards or no confirmation email within a few hours, please email me (be sure to check your spam folders first for Its Not You Its Me Wellness + Rebecca Conran) 

  • Individual session rates are as listed on the bookings page, package rates reflect discounts

  • I don't offer consultations, please refer to my 'about' page, press, testimonials below, newsletters and podcasts to get a feel for me. If you still have a question or inquiry, please feel free to message me through my contact page


In the 2 and a half days since Rebecca and I had our intuitive session I’ve tried to convince every friend I’ve spoken to to immediately book this session with her.  It felt like being seen for the first time.  I feel invigorated and inspired.  Her words and insight resonated so intensely that I don’t think I’ll ever be the same. - Laura Mae Socks 

I was incredibly surprised in the Reiki / energy work the telepathy I felt with Rebecca. I felt she was speaking directly to me and to parts of my body saying the right things through energy and intention that allowed my body to open up and do what it wanted to do, which was to release and breathe in areas that were blocked. The session was wildly energetic in vibration. I felt incredible healing, care and love in Rebecca's care. My favorite thing about working with Rebecca was her incredible intuition. Just by talking with me she could sense things about me that were incredibly accurate. These issues brought to light shaped our session where she provided me with solutions as well as empowered me with confidence, love and inspiration through coaching and her powerful energy work. I never felt rushed. I felt with Rebecca a genuine sense of care for my well being and how I could improve my life. I have since my session with Rebecca, recommended her in social media outlets as well as to friends personally. I would recommend her to anyone who has a desire to open themselves up deeper and ultimately release stored up pain or trauma. She provides a service that makes you feel safe to do this. - Chris C. 

I was introduced to Rebecca during her Self Healing Workshop immersive weekend, which I attended to gain with new ways to cope with grief.  Over the two days we were provided with tools to think about our inner monologue, diets, habits, and relationships to other people with more grace and clarity.  From that workshop I opted to continue working one-on-one with Rebecca, and have found that our ongoing work has allowed me ways to focus on my issues more clearly leaving me fortified and capable to have better relationships at home and work.  I really look forward to talking to her because she is so good at helping me understand what I really feel and really need. With this long term work I have gained an arsenal of self care techniques, but even the tools I learned during the Self Healing Workshop alone have simply made me consistently feel better. - Meredith B. 

Hi Rebecca, I just had to reach out and give you a big virtual hug and send my gratitude! It has been a week now since we spoke and it feels like so much has moved and shifted in me. Hard stuff like the ending of my relationship and my digestive health wreaking havoc. But within this I feel a calm that I have never known. A sense of peace and a love and acceptance that is so new to me.  I do not fear the unknown or the future and feel safe in the nurturing and healing of my soul and body. Thank you for seeing me and introducing me to my guides, we talk regularly now :) - Rachel S.

I have now seen Rebecca for Reiki Energy Healing several times, and am constantly impressed with my instantaneous, positive results. I booked this time looking to find closure and cut cords with an ex who had disappeared and I had not heard anything from in weeks. As I checked my phone after the session with Rebeccas, would you believe he had texted me after nothing for weeks! It was a pretty powerful experience. Rebecca is very intuitive, compassionate and personable; I feel very comfortable in our sessions and am able to discuss deep issues and what I want to get out of my session. I leave feeling immediately both lighter and more grounded, with new perspective, and having let go of what needed to be rid of. It’s a truly healing experience. I have been to several different Reiki Energy Healers and understand it can be tough to try someone new without knowing what to expect, but I am 100% confident in my recommendation of Rebecca and feel so grateful to have found her! - Sara L. 

I dove right in with an Energy Therapy with Reiki and Intuitive Card Reading with Rebecca Conran. Conran is a Reiki energy healer, holistic life and wellness coach, and a psychic empath which means “she has the ability to experience and feel another persons present, past or future physical and emotional states.” The first thing I notice about Conran is how incredibly calm she is. She exudes a strong but peaceful energy, but she’s very direct and no-nonsense which is ideal for someone who is new to energy therapies. It somehow doesn’t feel like hocus pocus with her.- Sara Bliss, Senior Writer, Yahoo Beauty

Rebecca's self healing mentorship worked on many levels for me. Her fierce honesty and openness around her own experience served as an example to get more and more honest myself. I felt safe with her because she knows how to take care of herself, she can give generously and authentically because she gives to herself. She has an intuitive gift and her ability to see and communicate what I needed to hear to get unstuck helped me so much. Her very practical tools and organized and clear approach to working through the deepest shit opened doors for deep healing and insight. I have experienced shifts that I've needed support shifting for a long time and I know I am better equipped to support myself as I continue on my healing path." - Leslie G. 


I met Rebecca very early on in my sobriety and self-healing journey. I started off with a more traditional program of recovery many doctors, therapists, that peers recommend, but something wasn’t feeling right. I was discovering my empathic and sensitive nature and was gravitating towards holistic healing methods. I felt like an outsider within traditional recovery and I was failing at sobriety. A healer I work with suggested I meet Rebecca.  I read Rebecca’s bio and started crying. It was as if I was reading my own story and that I wasn’t alone. With Rebecca I instantly felt the presence of compassion and healing. She’s got a ton of street cred, life experience, and self-healing practices to share with others. I felt as if Rebecca was more than a healer, but a mentor. I’ve worked with Rebecca for over 6 months and continue to do so working with her on coaching, energy work, and most recently her Self-Healing Mentorship program. I find that Rebecca makes spiritual, energetic, and healing principles easy to understand and relatable. As my healing journey progresses and changes, Rebecca has helped me navigate, which is my favorite part of working with her. She knows healing is personal and intuitive and that needs for each client will be different. Working with her, I feel empowered to make choices about what healing practices work best for me and which don’t. Through her Mentorship program, I was given a variety of practical and simple self-care practices I can carry with me through life.  She guides clients back to their own intuition and having compassion for one’s healing journey. She's also really funny! Because of that, my healing journey has been fun and uplifting, so I want to keep up self-care practices. I am grateful to Rebecca for being a beacon of light for myself and others. I highly recommend Rebecca - it is a privilege and joy to work with her. - Ryan L. 


Working with Rebecca has really transformed my life, in ways that are beyond my expectations.   Her mentorship created a space that allowed me to explore and witness deep wounds and beliefs systems, that have been limiting to my life and and my personal growth.  Rebecca has given me the tools I need to continue to grow and breakthrough limiting patterns that I did not know how to change.  I am so grateful for experience and the progress I have made in the mentorship program.  I highly recommend anyone looking for profound positive life changes and growth to work with Rebecca. - Amy N.


Rebecca has been a trusted guide and healer of mine for several years. Her abilities to facilitate transition and balance, as well as awaken, inspire and bestow insights is truly life-changing. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to study with her in her Mentorship program. At first, I wasn't sure if this was the right step for me - I had some financial limitations at the time, but I felt a calling from within that this was meant for me, so I decided to trust in my intuition and in Rebecca and signed up. Participating in this mentorship led to huge shifts for me. Within the group, we created for each other a safe space to explore limiting beliefs and behaviors, and Rebecca skillfully helped us to release these and align with our truth and our power. Since completing the program my intuition is exponentially clearer and attuned, and I feel more connected to my purpose and higher self.If you in any way feel called to enroll in this program, I highly encourage you to honor your own intuition. You will learn so many practical and useful techniques to nurture healing within yourself and your clients. - Vanessa W. 


Rebecca, through the healing mentorship course, led me to a unexpected and truly radical personal breakthrough. At the culmination of the series, I was graced with a clear vision for new organizing principle for the overarching structure of my life! A very stagnated part of my being was released and I am seeing a clear path towards fulfilling my desire of being more fully myself. Thank you, Rebecca! - Julie P. 


I was introduced to Rebecca during her Self Healing Workshop immersive weekend, which I attended to gain with new ways to cope with grief.  Over the two days we were provided with tools to think about our inner monologue, diets, habits, and relationships to other people with more grace and clarity.  From that workshop I opted to continue working one-on-one with Rebecca, and have found that our ongoing work has allowed me ways to focus on my issues more clearly leaving me fortified and capable to have better relationships at home and work.  I really look forward to talking to her because she is so good at helping me understand what I really feel and really need. With this long term work I have gained an arsenal of self care techniques, but even the tools I learned during the Self Healing Workshop alone have simply made me consistently feel better. - Meredith B. 


I joined the mentorship course from an inner calling to tune in and understand why I was not feeling aligned and at peace. Rather than blame my emotions on others actions, I wanted to truly understand what I was feeling and why, and how I can improve my reactions or response to others. I found It was a safe environment to share my feelings and learn about techniques to improve emotional, spiritual, mental and physical health. I found so much solace through the class in knowing that fundamentally we all search for the same thing, love and acceptance. You will miss your weekly sessions with Rebecca when the course is complete, and you will form beautiful bonds with beautiful people.- Marianna G. 


I joined Rebecca's self-healing mentorship course because I felt the need to be connected with other people that are on the same journey that I am.  I also knew I needed to be  proactive about my spiritual practice and find new ways and a support system  to help guide my enlightenment. It felt good to share. Everyone was so understanding, caring, and open.  It almost seemed to be easier because I didn't personally know anyone in the group.  The sharing process came naturally and everyone was super supportive. I was able to learn about many tools and best practices for my personal spiritual practice.  The course was truly wonderful.  A class shaped around teaching us how to properly take care of ourselves is priceless.  You not only learn self care but you learn how to share feelings, thoughts, and emotions with others.  The others in the group are there for either the same reasons you are, or ones that very similar, and they are there to support you through your journey 100%.  It felt great to have the support.- Jenine M. 

I've only been working with Rebecca for a few weeks, and it's already produced some great insights and results regarding self-worth, connections between childhood and adulthood relationships, and more. I'm excited to keep growing and having Rebecca in my corner to help me make it happen. - Wesley V. 

I was skeptical at first about Reiki but the whole experience was enlightening. The next morning I woke up feeling the most relaxed I've felt in months. I've been calm and at peace ever since. Rebecca's services are highly recommended! - Meghan R. 

I came to Rebecca with issues around food and overeating. What I actually got from our sessions was more than I could ever expect. She was able to identify underlying emotional issues that I had been suppressing that had been masking itself in my eating habits. In dealing with these suppressed emotions I have been able to get clarity around other issues in my life that had been causing me pain, and have been dealing with them in a healthy and open way. I never imagined that our sessions could lead to these big life changes in all areas of my life that are bringing me to act in line with my highest self. It's been a process, and Rebecca has been there with me every step of the way. I could not recommend her services more! - Sam Y. 

I have never had Reiki before, so I was not sure what to expect. The whole experience was very relaxing. After a few minutes with Rebecca my tension was literally gone. Thank you for a great session! I will certainly find time for Reiki in my life."   - Karolina C. 

I've never had Intuitive Energy Work before, though I regularly see an acupuncturist and briefly did guided meditations. Despite not knowing what to expect I felt really open in my session with Rebecca. My experience with her combined aspects of both, easing some physical pain and opening me up to some emotional issues I hadn't been addressing. I left our session relaxed and ready to move forward on personal things I'd set aside too long. I feel good! Rebecca's a calming intuitive presence with a lot of insight to offer. I'm looking forward to following up with Rebecca and would recommend her to anyone open to trying a new path toward well-being.    - Jonathan K. 

Rebecca is AWESOME--Warm, compassionate, honest and truly healing.  I set out to learn more about Reiki Healing in an effort to help deal with grief after the recent loss of a parent, and some other major life events that had left me pretty broke down. Because I did not have a lot of experience with Reiki Energy Healing, and certainly no experience with life coaching, I was a bit hesitant at first but I have come to find SO much support, guidance and wisdom from Rebecca that one single session has since turned into 8! I have gotten so much more than what was expected out of our sessions, which was simply Reiki. Rebeccas has been essential on my self-initiated inward journey to deal with loss, learn to love myself again, and just evolve as a human. and, It's just nice to feel like someone has your back!  on top of that, her space is gorgeous and such a lovely retreat from the hectic city that is NYC. I feel so very grateful to have found this gem of a woman. Thank you for all the love Rebecca, i hope everyone can be so lucky to experience all you have to offer! - Briana A. 


This past winter I scheduled a session with Rebecca. I felt that my heart was closed, due to difficult years of relationship conditioning and other dis-functional hang ups. She has tremendous understanding and depth. When the session was over I felt like I floated back into the world. I highly recommend Rebecca for anyone who is ready to experience life on a higher frequency and shed the negative conditioning that keeps so many of us in the same cycles. You will experience the loving healing that she embodies, like I have, and it will open the doors to clarity.  - James R. 

As a practitioner in the health and wellness industry I take my own health very seriously.  I came to Rebecca to replenish my body and continue working on maintaining wellness and balance in my life. Little did I know I would be getting so much more!  Within the first 5 minutes of my first session with Rebecca she had honed in on and nailed the source of my current woes in life.  It was somewhat dumbfounding to have her pick up on such deeply seeded issues so easily through her natural clairsentient intuition.  Rebecca is an empathetic mixture of love, support and honesty.  She doesn’t sugar coat her information yet she delivers what she needs to in a way that is empathetic and supportive. I really appreciate that. Rebecca is a highly intuitive and gifted healer and I can’t wait for another session! "  - Tarah H. 

Since starting work with Rebecca almost six months ago, I have achieved more results than I ever thought possible in such a short amount of time. Even during our first session, which I thought would be the one and only session we would have for the foreseeable future - Rebecca helped me access incredible insights that have since transformed my development along a new exciting, adventurous spiritual path... Rebecca's guidance and support are central to my renewed commitment to meditation, healthy nutrition, improved self-care, defining boundaries, creating healthy relationships and most importantly, developing a healthier, more loving relationship with myself. Through practicing new actions and being accountable to goals Rebecca helps me stay focused on, my overall sense of well-being as well as my integrity and clarity have blossomed with no end in sight. - Sydney C. 

I'm so grateful there is a Rebecca Conran in the world doing this great work. My sessions are worth every penny and then some. Keep it up. You are doing so much good. - Sarah T. 

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