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This is a personal Relationship Astrology audio reading recorded by Rebecca Conran and emailed to you discussing your relationship as seen via study of two birth charts. This chart can be drawn for friends, family or romantic relationships. 


The study of two birth charts can show us how we can best interact with others, absorbing the learning and healing that each relationship brings with it. This reading can show you how two people relate to one another, the purpose for certain relationships, along with blind spots to consider and the path to overcome them. 


What you will provide:

- Birth details for 2 persons (Must have birth place and date for both, reading does not need birth time but if possible it's preferable)

- An email to recieve the recording

- Questions regarding your relationship sent via email which I will discuss in depth (You can also request a general reading)

- Due to a backlog of readings, please allow 3-5 days from sending your questions to receive your audio file. 


Audio recordings are aproximatley 45min and may additionally cover:

- Discussion of upcoming astrological challenges as well as strengths to draw upon

- Discussion of upcoming astrological trends and their meaning for you.

- Practical insight on the appropriate timing for life experiences, the best days for starting projects, travel, moving homes, communication, creativity, planning events and more (based your questions)

- Discussion of life cycles, karma and personal destiny, connecting to the individuals life purpose is


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