Interested in my Self-Healing Mentorship Program?

The Self Healing Mentorship program is one of my favorite ways to work with my clients. This program takes place weekly for either 8weeks/2months or my preferred bi-weekly (8 sessions over 16 weeks/4 months) which allows us to take our time to really support and anchor into self-healing. We set up a time every other week and hold our sessions via Zoom Video which allows you to record on your end, and that way you can re-listen to them in-between sessions or down the line if you need a refresher. We work around your schedule with morning, evening and weekend availability. 

The itinerary for the course is: 

  • Session 1 - Intentions, Clearing & Laying the foundation of self care 101 

  • Session 2 - Intuitive Astrology Reading, understanding your unique imprint 

  • Session 3 - Understanding your emotions and the physical/energy body + Body Detox 

  • Session 4 - Connecting with your spirit guides 

  • Session 5 - Breaking down conditioned beliefs + disfunctional patterning 

  • Session 6 - Inner Child Healing 

  • Session 7 - Forgiveness healing + rituals 

  • Session 8 - Moving toward wholeness 


  • What this program includes:

  • Weekly "homework". Sometimes this is a daily homework practice (usually 10-20min or so) for personal energy clearing etc and sometimes it's a journaling assignment to be done at your leisure to dig deeper into patterning. 

  • Accountability support 

  • A weekly email check in. In-between our sessions during the bi-weekly program format to connect on accountability and homework

  • Weekly energy clearings. During the entire time you will be in the program I will also be supporting you energetically.

  • Guided meditations, rituals, tools and information packets within each session that can help you in your self-healing 

  • A written birth chart reading including your love astrology 

The cost of the mentorship is $1800

"I have been working with Rebecca Conran since 2015, and have always appreciated her no BS, super intuitive insights, guidance, and support through tarot and birth chart readings, and I just recently completed her Self Healing Mentorship. It was an investment in myself and it paid off tenfold. I have come out of these weeks a happier human, that is kinder to herself, has stronger boundaries, and is doing the daily work to show up as her true soul self. The course covered all that I needed as I dove deep into my spirit to heal myself -- detoxing, releasing ingrained societal beliefs, daily rituals to prioritize my self care, etc etc. The weekly homework + the rolling homework that Rebecca provided made a huge impact, along with guided meditations, and additional reference info every week, so I am now empowered to continue this journey long after the mentorship has ended. I would recommend to anyone looking to connect with themselves, their purpose and their self love" - Stephanie Huston - Testimonial - 6/5/19

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