The Intuitive Awareness package is one of my favorite ways to work with those learning how to become their own best healer. This package takes place over 6 sessions, held bi-weekly (every other week) which allows us to take our time to really support and anchor into pattern changes. Your first session is a 90min Intentions Session where we can discuss your healing journey in depth. Each subsequent session is 75min long. 

We will cover: 

  • Intentions and goals

  • Meditation / Connecting with individual spirituality

  • Astrology, understanding your unique traits and current transits 

  • Understanding your emotions and the physical/energy body + Body Detox 

  • Understanding conditioned beliefs + dysfunctional patterning

  • Inner Child/aspect Healing 

  • Self Forgiveness

  • Awareness of personal choice and boundaries, understanding life blindspots

  • Addictions, codependency, healing the crisis aspect 


This program includes:

  • Weekly “homework" including personal rituals and guided writing practices 

  • Accountability support including an email check in between session times

  • Weekly energy clearings. During the entire time you will be in the program I will also be supporting you energetically.

  • Guided meditations, rituals, tools and information packets that can help you in your self-healing 

  •  A Soul Astrology birth chart reading including your love astrology 

 Intuitive Awareness Package ~ $3000



Our birth chart offers us a unique roadmap to finding meaning in our lives. Astrology is able to interpret our individual spiritual meaning, it shows us where the lessons exist in our lives, and through awareness, guidance and support of our natural intuitive gifts we learn to choose how to work within the events and emotions of our lives. The birth chart shows us our challenges as well as our innate strengths. This package is for clients who are at a cross roads in their lives, sessions are held once a month for six months. Using energy healing, astrology and life and health coaching we will cover:

  • Motivational guidance to feel equipped emotionally and mentally to face any upcoming choices or challenges

  • Discussion of upcoming astrological trends and their meaning (Solar Returns, Venus Retrograde, Mercury Retrograde, Major Planetary shifts and transits)

  • Support around relationships to loved ones, parents, partners, children and friends, mapping out the best way for each client to face any relationship issues or communication challenges and improve relationships

  • Mapping the physical body, discussion of physical ailments, predispositions as well as prevention, discussions on overcoming maladies and sickness (emotional, mental, physical)

  • Practical insight on the appropriate timing for life experiences, the best days for starting projects, travel, moving homes, communication, creativity, planning events and more

  • Discussion of life cycles, karma and personal destiny, connecting to the individuals life purpose

  • Reducing tension, eliminating recurring problems and fears by understanding personal patterns of behavior

  • Discussion of best and worst outcomes for situations based on astrological trends 

Astrological Insights Package ~ $3000

"I have been working with Rebecca Conran since 2015, and have always appreciated her no BS, super intuitive insights, guidance, and support through tarot and birth chart readings, and I just recently completed her Self Healing Mentorship. It was an investment in myself and it paid off tenfold. I have come out of these weeks a happier human, that is kinder to herself, has stronger boundaries, and is doing the daily work to show up as her true soul self. The course covered all that I needed as I dove deep into my spirit to heal myself -- detoxing, releasing ingrained societal beliefs, daily rituals to prioritize my self care, etc etc. The weekly homework + the rolling homework that Rebecca provided made a huge impact, along with guided meditations, and additional reference info every week, so I am now empowered to continue this journey long after the mentorship has ended. I would recommend to anyone looking to connect with themselves, their purpose and their self love" - Stephanie Huston 

"I met Rebecca very early on in my sobriety and self-healing journey. I started off with a more traditional program of recovery many doctors, therapists, that peers recommend, but something wasn’t feeling right. I was discovering my empathic and sensitive nature and was gravitating towards holistic healing methods. I felt like an outsider within traditional recovery and I was failing at sobriety. A healer I work with suggested I meet Rebecca.  I read Rebecca’s bio and started crying. It was as if I was reading my own story and that I wasn’t alone. I met with Rebecca and instantly felt the presence of compassion and healing. She’s got a ton of street cred, life experience, and self-healing practices to share with others. I felt as if Rebecca was more than a healer, but a mentor. I’ve worked with Rebecca for over 6 months and continue to do so working with her on coaching, energy work, and most recently her Self-Healing Mentorship program. I find that Rebecca makes spiritual, energetic, and healing principles easy to understand and relatable. As my healing journey progresses and changes, Rebecca has helped me navigate, which is my favorite part of working with her. She knows healing is personal and intuitive and that needs for each client will be different. Working with her, I feel empowered to make choices about what healing practices work best for me and which don’t. Through her Mentorship program, I was given a variety of practical and simple self-care practices I can carry with me through life.  She guides clients back to their own intuition and having compassion for one’s healing journey. She's also really funny! Because of that, my healing journey has been fun and uplifting, so I want to keep up self-care practices. I am grateful to Rebecca for being a beacon of light for myself and others. I highly recommend Rebecca - it is a privilege and joy to work with her." - Ryan L.