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  • I am a Psychic Medium, Astrologer and a certified Holistic Life & Wellness Coach, Reiki Energy Practitioner, and Yin Yoga Instructor

  • Since 2012, I have helped thousands in their self-healing journeys including clients who have gone on to become practitioners themselves

  • Senior Practitioner at Maha Rose Center for Wellness in Brooklyn, NY from 2012 - 2017

  • Opened my own private practice in 2017 in Williamsburg Brooklyn, adding in remote healing in 2018. Today, I conduct both remote and in-person sessions at my wellness space in Kingston, NY

  • I have held and taught hundreds of classes in-person and online including Moon Circles, Empath Empowerment, Inner Child Healing, Astrology, Sound Healing, Grief Circles and more

  • I wrote a book on Empath Empowerment as well as Created the Reiki Mantra and Affirmations Oracle Decks

  • Have written for popular media outlets such as Teen Vogue on the subject of wellness as well as having popular podcast segments. Today, you can hear me on my New Story Podcast located on iTunes and Spotify. Tune-in to hear my unique style of teaching and healing

I work in the energetic realms and have the ability to experience and interpret another persons past and present emotional and energetic states. I am well versed with non-embodied energies, energy cording, and working with those that have passed on from earthly life. I am able to clearly pinpoint areas of dis-ease within the body, mind and spirit, and with my practical knowledge of wellness and nutrition as well as energy, I work with my clients  to create balance holistically.

I am known for my kind and compassionate but practical spiritual approach to healing. I offer frank advice that comes from a place of personal experience. I honor the spirit world, but I also honor scientific theory. I am a philosopher at heart, and participate in the Carl Jung school of astrological thought. In my personal life, I'm an artist and a musician.
I look forward to supporting you in your health and wellness!

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