My Energy Healing technique brings about healing on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. Sessions are perfect for clients looking for assistance in connecting with their purpose, support before, during or after major life changes or to heal deep emotional past or present trauma of all kinds. Clients leave sessions feeling grounded, relaxed, contented and uplifted. As a Psychic Empath and a Clairsentient, I acquire intuitive information through feeling. I am able to clearly pin point areas of dis-ease within the body, mind and spirit, and through my understanding of health and nutrition as well as energy, I bring my cleints back into balance holistically. As a Medium I also determine energetic interference from outside forces and support my clients in cutting energetic cording and releasing entities that are disruptive as well as assistance in crossing over those who have passed away. All of my sessions incorporate coaching and clearing and clients are offered 'homework' suggestions for how to progress post session. Although one session can be perfect for some, healing is not an event, it takes time, which is why I also offer package rates and programs for those who wish to invest in longer term care, and are looking for continued support and accountability


I live in Upstate, NY and conduct my sessions via Phone, FaceTime and Zoom

For in-person sessions in Narrowsburg, NY or at River Family Wellness please contact me directly 

For this type of healing work, we don't need to be face to face for our session. I understand that this concept can be new to some and difficult to understand, but if you feel called to working with me intuitively I would recommend you stretch past any mental limitations and try it!

I don't offer consultations - please check out my FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS

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